Pure Kakaw | Flakes
Pure Kakaw | Flakes

Pure Kakaw | Flakes


Pure Kakaw | Flakes 125g package

Enjoy the quality of this traditional Mayan cacao. It is organically grown on an agroforestry farm with high biodiversity and surrounded by nature. The soft and nutty aroma makes a light tasty drink that is very potent in effect and high in spirit.

This Mayan Criollo Cacao from Guatemala grows in an organic food forest. It is processed with the greatest care and traditional Mayan knowledge. From the soil to the flakes this cacao is intended to make cacao drinks and is powerful both in spirit and effect.

Flakes are extra easy to use for making your own cacao drinks. Just blend with hot water or plant-based milk and enjoy a frothy drink. Put them next to your coffee and tea at home or at work to enjoy in your daily life.

Organically grown in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. 

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