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Mydflower's natural elderflower sparkling wine is the most refreshing and invigorating drink imaginable.

Ingredients: Welsh spring water, wild elderflowers, sugar, freshly squeezed & zested lemons, white wine vinegar, Champagne yeast

Bursting with heady elderflowers, it captures a nostalgia for summers over the years. It is made with wild foraged elderflowers and Welsh mountain spring water in the Brecon Beacons, turned to fire and fizz by Champagne yeast. It’s gently intoxicating at 5.3% and balanced between dry and sweet.

It sits between canned wine, hard seltzers, and light ciders, yet holds a unique place that crosses the category divides. Quench your thirst under a hot sun, or reminisce with a can by the fire. This natural wine is low calorie, gluten free, and plant -based, with sustainability at its core, commercially made by only one business in the world.